Monday, June 16, 2008


Hey, you made it! This is "Brian Blogs in Brooklyn," my new blog at This will be updated regularly in lieu of, so update your bookmarks. You can do this by clicking on the menu "Bookmarks" up at the top of your browser, then clicking "Bookmark this page."

I sat down today and decided that Blogger was worth a shot. I've been using a service called GooglePages, which hosted my website GooglePages is a beta project offered by Google that is designed to be an easy website hosting service free of charge. It has been nice, and did a pretty decent job of holding my website for the last two years. The problem is that what I need is blogging services. I want to type a post, attach a photo, and have it published. With GooglePages, I'd have to manually upload the photo to Google's server, add it to my website, then manually enter my new post to my site. Every month or so, I'd have to archive my old pages so that my homepage wasn't too crowded.

Now, with Blogger, I've got it all in one package. Pictures and text are posted in one easy step and automatically archived. Plus, I can have people comment on my posts now. So if you've got anything to say to me, feel free to let me have it through the comments at the end of each post.

For instance, do you think the green area at the top of my website is too big? If you think so, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post by clicking on the "# comments" link. It will let you type a message and sign with your name, or even leave it anonymously.

I've got a ton of pictures from the food this weekend, pictures of a craft fair Alicia and I attended, and pictures of the sprouts from my garden. Check back Wednesday to see them!


Nicole said...

I think the green space at the top of your page is too big.

Nah, not really :). Nice new page. I'll be enjoying the change of format while I cyberstalk you and Leesha.

Anonymous said...
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